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How a Milord t-shirt is born

Antithetical, irreverent and deliberately provocative: we at Milord are proud to be as we are. But have you ever wondered what’s beyond? In addition to the photos on Instagram, in addition to the products you can find in the shop, in addition to our men’s and women’s t-shirts ? There are the dreams and ambitions of many people, but above all that quality of Made in Italy that the whole world envies us. There is work, creativity and even a bit of healthy madness: come with us on the journey that leads to the discovery of how a Milord t-shirt is born.

The first stage of creating a T-shirt includes perhaps the most important (and riskiest) activity: seeking inspiration. Because this muse with a veiled face presents herself as and when she wants, it can be born from a manifesto observed absent-mindedly on the street or after hours and hours of brain storming. Our ideas are hidden behind the most absurd conventionalities: a picture frozen in a static and perbenista image can become a Girl with a pearl earring who wears in the foreground the symbol of the red cross of the fight against violence against women. The characteristic that we love most about our work is undoubtedly the fact that we have no limits, no prejudices, as to what we can create. Precisely for this reason our t-shirts are not for all, but only for the most daring, for the intrepid. Because elegance also means knowing how to distinguish oneself from homologation, knowing how to stand out – always with class – in an increasingly gray world.

Once the idea is found, we move on to the actual design of the t-shirt. Graphic tablet in hand, a good coffee to have the right charge and we start drawing. At this moment we see the idea that is just beginning to take shape, taking on concreteness. During this phase we often adjust what was the initial draft of the t-shirt, we often realize that perhaps it could work better with small tricks. As a result, we implement all the necessary changes so that the t-shirt we sell is the best possible version of itself. We decide on the colors, materials, size of the print and all other technical details. Because art is also this, it means taking care of your work and giving it the right relevance. Once the drawing is finished, we begin to ask what people think about it. Start a real sample survey among our collaborators to understand if there is a need to change something, or if the idea already works in itself.

As soon as we have completed the t-shirt project, the time comes to pass it on to our collaborators to start production. Also in this respect we at Milord try to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the companies: we rely only on trusted producers, completely Italian, who know how to make the most of our idea. Milord t-shirts are born from an organic cotton, grown through the use of strategies and tools that have a low environmental impact. The fast fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. And for us, respecting the nature that surrounds us is an act of love, even if it is not for all (unfortunately). Neither pesticides nor chemical, toxic and persistent fertilizers are used in the environment and in the cotton itself of the t-shirt: the difference can be felt directly under your touch. We are proud to support, with our work, the industrial realities of our beloved Sardinia.

The one that is made first is a so-called test t-shirt . Thanks to this model we can perform all the necessary tests and verifications to ensure the highest possible quality . In case there is a need to make some small changes, this is the last useful moment to do so. Once we have acquired a certain certainty regarding the quality and beauty of the Milord t-shirt, our artisans begin to produce others. We insert the product into our virtual showcase, publish it in our social profiles and the sales phase begins. During the actual launch of the product it is essential that this is told adequately: our t-shirts are the results of the interweaving of many stories, they are the explicit manifestation of a very specific message. Thus, Snow White sporting a tattoo with the seven dwarfs becomes the symbol of the fight against female emancipation. And Van Gogh, who portrays himself with a rock earring, defends freedom of expression both in art and in life.

In recent years we have had the opportunity to expand beyond all our initial expectations, meeting people enthusiastic about our rebellion and equally eager to stand out. We are proud to have created a real social movement in our own small way, a revolution within the fashion world, into which we have tried to bring all our creativity and our irreverence. Our style is full of contradictions, just as each of us retains many antitheses within us: rock and chic, serious but ironic, rebellious but always elegant. And this is how our long journey ends: with our art worn by you, that you take it around Italy and the world. Here is the behind the scenes of the Milord t-shirts : be careful, however, because this story is also not for all.




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