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Costumes Summer 2021

When Summer approaches, female thinking is concentrated in the swimsuit. A garment that, with simple and captivating details, manages to harmonize with the body, making it delicately provocative. Among the many models you are always uncertain which one to bet on: bikini or whole? Minimal or decorated? Solid color or brightly colored?

Indecision can find clarity in one word: Milord. A 100% made in Italy brand that concentrates in its creations the desire of anyone to want to appear and express their personality through simple concepts, enclosed in fabrics of excellent quality.

Milord representative of Made in Italy

Milord is a brand characterized by an iconic black bowler hat. A nice and elegant hair that in the past years has created the distinctive features of many personalities. And today? Today he tends to create others, through the imagination that distinguishes him, with which he manages to give rise to garments rich in personality, style and creativity.

Milord women’s costumes are produced in Rimini and are designed and implemented by fashion designers who, with a smile and a touch of originality, are able to satisfy any style. From the gritty elegant to the ironically serious.

Milord beachwear perfectly dresses the strategic points of women. It emphasizes in a gently sensual way the beauty of the curves of the body, which will never feel uncomfortable during the catwalk on the shore.

Beachwear Milord: Costumes Summer 2021

Like any item of clothing, costumes must also follow a fashion. A style that, although representing Summer 2021, must also be able to best express the character of the wearer.

Refined, glamorous, provocative, romantic and deliciously gritty are the personalities that best represent the Milord costumes: a mix of qualities that satisfy the radiant feminine vanity and her desire to bring on holiday a model perfectly in step with the seasonal trends.

Bikini: timeless and sexy

The bikini, as every year, best represents the Summer, and for 2021, the models to be preferred must be characterized by an original and not excessive artistic vein. The band bra offers an excellent fit and is perfect for enhancing different physical characteristics, also the possibility of making it more low-cut can be useful when you want to emphasize the shape of the breast.

On the briefs some sober and delicately gritty details can embellish the fabric and bring out the personality of those who show it off.

The colors to be preferred must be soft, especially if you want to focus attention on the magnificent amber color given by the tan. Even the timeless black is an elegant shade that, in addition to giving the physicality a touch of sensuality, manages to slim the silhouette minimizing small defects.

Provoking in style: Milord one-piece swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuits, for 2021 are elegantly lively and can make any woman feel fashionable even by the sea. A touch of sensuality that can be emphasized by a deep American neckline, which manages to highlight the upper part of the body in a provocative way, bringing out the sinuous line of the legs. If you do not want to go unnoticed, the one-piece costume must have color contrasts, preferably golden or copper shades combined with the classic black. A combination that, in addition to illuminating the dark complexion, will give greater emphasis to the whole, perfectly enhancing the captivating style and refined character of the woman who wears it. The one-piece costumes, in addition to representing a sober but feminine sex-appeal, adapt to any type of body, amplifying the youth, femininity and romanticism of those who parade it.

Fashion trends costumes Summer 2021

The Summer 2021 Fashion trends put on the catwalk costumes with original, unusual and simple prints, a mix capable of bringing out the feminine charm by creating a real beach look.

“Yes” to the retro style that takes you back with the years, but that manages to best express the style of the future. “Yes” to the serious style with the addition of a touch of cheerfulness, a positive feeling that the hot season obligatorily requires. “Yes” to the desire to express one’s personality, through original and asymmetrical costumes. “Yes” to sexi-chic costumes, in order to give the relaxing holiday a touch of refined sensuality and elegance.

Milord costumes: products in Rimini

The days at the beach are characterized by sun and relaxation, Milord costumes are characterized by contrasts and details that can best express the determination, sympathy and refinement of the wearer.

The costumes are produced in Rimini, which guarantees the excellent quality of the fabrics that, assembled with joy, professionalism and the best finishes, transform a simple costume into a perfect garment to show on the beach with elegant irony.

Milord is a lively and sprinting brand that, always looking towards the future, manages to understand and satisfy the need for style of women and men, through a philosophy: dressing with taste is important, as it is to represent oneself.

Its extensive catalog demonstrates this, through the exhibition of t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shoes and accessories, all characterized by concepts and graphics that come to life once worn.




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