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Wearing a Milord t-shirt

What is the garment that in its simplicity conveys a euphoric elegant style?
Without a doubt the t-shirt. A simple short-sleeved shirt that, in all its details, colors or graphics, best expresses the concept of freedom and the desire to play with your own style. So why not start doing it? Wearing a Milord t-shirt you can, just have a little imagination in representing yourself.

A black bowler hat characterizes the Milord style

When we talk about aesthetically original fashion with a strong and lively personality, we talk about the Milord brand. A brand that expresses, through an iconic black bowler hat, the maximum expression of the street style look in all its nuances.

Men and women of any age can wear the provocative simplicity of a Milord t-shirt. Transform it, depending on the occasion, into a carefree or elegant, rebellious or romantic garment: a shirt full of character that best expresses anyone’s personality.

Milord t-shirts not only represent eternal youth, but contain in its fabrics the true quality made in Italy. Fabrics designed and created by experts in the trade that offer, to the wearer, fit, comfort and the desire to smile.

The t-shirt and the summer: a t-shirt and a season

The t-shirts worn in summer represent the best opportunity to get rid of the oppressive, even if warm, sweaters of winter. T-shirts or t-shirts are indispensable in the wardrobe of women and men. They can give life to a stylish look, with sporty, glamorous or casual styles, in a clearly contrasting way, but pleasant to admire.

The wide catalog in which Milord presents his creations is represented by the gritty elegance of men’s t-shirts and the serious sensuality of women’s t-shirts. A game of contrasts that is impossible to give up, a different and particular design that will never go out of fashion.

White, black with prints and writings, the women’s t-shirt matches any carefree or chic garment, rebellious or sensual, creating a personalized total look that will not go unnoticed on any occasion or event. Combining it is simple and requires a bit of imagination, like the one used by the Fashion Designers of the Milord brand. The timeless fashion of simplicity has combined the desire for escape of both sexes who, ageless, love to identify themselves in a fabric rich in details and concepts.

T-shirts in the summer can find the right companion in a jeans miniskirt: a simply provocative feminine style; or in a pair of ripped jeans, creating a gritty and youthful urban style; and why not, even a refined trousers can turn into an elegantly dispassionate fashion.

Any combination will best reflect not only the creativity and imagination of the wearer, but above all the desire to appear and not be forgotten.

At every moment his style: how to wear a Milord T-shirt

Among the many models, colors, prints and writings, Milord t-shirts always satisfy. Whatever the vision of the world, at a given moment, a thought that you want to scream to the world through the expressive silence of a T-shirt.

Men’s t-shirts can be chosen according to the color: white, yellow, black or green, and depending on the fit you prefer. Boyfriend, oversize or regular, in short, models and timeless styles ideal in order to create the distinctive trait of the wearer.

Some examples?

For the male world looking for a rock-swanky style, the ideal t-shirt could be represented by a skull, on whose eye socket, a sweet Minny listens to the romantic serenade of her beloved Mickey Mouse. For the doubtful man, a t-shirt able to express his confusion: “chaos in my mind”, a nice white shirt on which, the head of an elegant man is covered by a magic cube. And for the intriguing man? A t-shirt with the image of the unforgettable agent 007 imprinted on it, holding an authentic and colorful water gun.
What can I say? The creativity of the Milord brand has no boundaries.

Women's T-shirt: provocative sensuality

In the catalog there is no shortage of women’s t-shirts able to amplify the provocative sensuality that characterizes the female world. Also for her t-shirts with crew neckline or crop in different fits. Regular, slim fit, oversize, boyfriend; t-shirts in white, black or yellow, and colors that match any item of clothing and style.

A slim fit t-shirt , tight in the right places, enhances femininity in a sweetly sensual way, which becomes captivating when combined with a pair of jeans and a pair of breathtaking heels. For women who love the modern and gritty urban style, an oversized t-shirt that, together with leggings and a pair of sneakers, complete her desire to appear without being noticed excessively.

For the barbie woman, Milord proposes a series of t-shirts with the beautiful doll imprinted on the shirt, or the face of Marilyn Monroe, embodiment of sensuality, which identifies the desire to express a provocatively ironic personality.

For those who love to experience the city and its frenzy in comfort, the Ideal t-shirt could have an imprinted inscription: “I am tonic like a gin”, a t-shirt of a beautiful yellow color to be combined with a pair of black trousers and medium-heeled sandals: a look dedicated to all women who dream of waking up in Paris.




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