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How to match a t-shirt

After the era of jeans and a t-shirt , today the t-shirt is the most iconic piece of our clothing, the one that inspires every outfit and that defines it.
The undisputed base of any wardrobe worthy of the name, the t-shirt is indispensable in the hectic everyday life and often solves moments of indecision about what to wear. It is a lifeline, but also the starting point of a style, capable of unleashing creativity. The t-shirt is able to play down formal clothing, but also and above all to create irreverent looks, such as those of Milord, one of the trendiest Italian brands for those looking for an alternative look. Elegance is to stand out from the chorus, but always with class, as with the garments of the Milord collection that like to call themselves Not For All. These t-shirts carry messages that reflect one’s inner being. Their style is serious and ironic because those who ironize are no less serious, but have only learned to make fun of life! And if you like to take life from the chest do it wearing a Milord t-shirt!
Now let’s see how to match a t-shirt according to the trendiest outfits of this season.

How to wear the t-shirt for a real Streetstyle

This style identifies fashion inspired by ordinary people, the one we see on the street. There are no stylists or models, but only people, often from the most popular neighborhoods that mix clothing giving life to the purest creativity. The one that comes from music, culture and the street. The t-shirt is the undoubted protagonist of this style because it is the most versatile and comfortable. In the rock chic look on ripped jeans, leggings or leather pants, you wear t-shirts with the most varied images. Images with the irreverent and mischievous writings of Milord, with unique and imperceptible prints to the touch, because they are made with Hd technique. The rock chic outfit loves t-shirts with slogans, but also simple white ones. Those worn under the legendary biker jacket in eco-leather by Milord, with the inscription Not For All hand-painted. Streetstyle is the style of the street, where all fashions are born.

The t-shirt is Sportychic!

Sporty-chic is an extremely comfortable and versatile outfit, much loved by influencers and celebs from all over the world, who mix garments of sports brands with expensive high fashion bags. This look consists precisely in mixing sports garments with more rigorous ones, such as jogger pants, with a tailored blazer, with heels and with a basketball tank top. Like Milord’s customizable tank top, sporty, classy and personalized, perfect for an inimitable look! For men of any age, who love this style, Milord designs unique garments, such as men’s t-shirts produced entirely in Italy according to the highest quality standards. They are t-shirts able to satisfy the desire of every man to wear comfortable clothing, suitable for every moment of the day, without giving up being trendy.

What is more Comfy-chic than a t-shirt?

In an era of pandemic emergency, with smart working and the many hours at home, comfy chic fashion has exploded. A kind of comfortable and classy clothing, a home-like look, which seems casual, but which comes from the search for garments that allow you to feel comfortable, while being elegant. The must have comfy chic is the t-shirt with soft lines. For a minimalist look you can choose a white t-shirt with slogans like Milord’s boyfriend-tees that seem stolen from your boyfriend’s closet. The comfy chic man is a man who wears basic garments and his impertinent t-shirts worn on cropped pants, are strictly over and give that insolent monello look so fascinating typical of the Milord outfit.

The t-shirt highlight of Casual chic

The casual chic style combines a classic outfit, casual in fact, with a touch of glamour. It is one of the styles most appreciated by men and women around the world. Being casual chic is not only a way of dressing but also a real lifestyle; is to embrace the philosophy of the Milord brand, the choice to look elegant, well-groomed and even a little irreverent, without giving up being natural and without spending a fortune. This is also thanks to extremely ductile garments that are able to match each other in always different combinations. All the pieces of the Milord line are exclusive and able to make the difference with any outfit. The white t-shirt for those who love casual-chic is the garment that cannot be missing, the most versatile, the joker in the closet, better if made special by iconic writings and images such as those of Milord. Often those who love this genre identify the coolest piece of their wardrobe in their favorite t-shirt , the one that survives fashions and trends and that they do not want to give up because it best expresses their style. The casual chic summer t-shirt is versatile but never banal, the evocative images or the impertinent writing typical of the Milord brand, are the glam touch of this outfit.

Whatever style you prefer, the t-shirt will be indispensable, Milord t-shirts are unique and eclectic garments, a way to stand out from the crowd, not surprisingly they are Not For All!




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