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T-SHIRT SS21 Collection

T-shirt Summer 2021

Among the absolute protagonists of Summer 2021, the t-shirt is fresh, versatile and able to express the personality in a sparkling and original way.
The latest fashion trends want the summer 2021 t-shirt not only as a garment to wear, but as a tool to communicate their emotions, in a direct, casual and even irreverent way.
The Milord T-shirt line is not dedicated to everyone: that’s right, because the style full of verve and without too many Milord filters is perfect for those who love to live life with ease and communicating emotions even with the outfit.

Milord and the trendiest proposals for summer 2021 t-shirts: discover them all

How many times have you thought you wanted to shout out to the world your feelings and thoughts? Milord t-shirts for women represent your message printed on your chest; they speak for you and express your mood of the day, on top quality yarns that perfectly resist your dynamic mind and full of interests. Milord t-shirts are made of soft organic cotton jersey, made in Italy with attention to detail and with imperceptible prints to the touch, available in over 50 different images on a total black or off white background. The model with flap sleeves and that enhances the silhouette allows you to combine Milord T-shirts with skinny jeans, long pleated skirt or shorts, according to your style and your look of the day. From the image with Black Sheep in a group of white sheep, to the photo of the artist Frida Kahlo crying rainbow tears: these and other models express your personality every day, with the boldness of those who always love to tell the truth, but with style and class. Have you ever imagined the Girl with the Pearl Earring with a red cross on her eye, or an absolutely unconventional Barbie with piercings on her cheeks and tattooed neck? Maybe yes, maybe no, but the images depicted in the prints of milord women’s t-shirts are eye-catching, forward-looking with a slight retro and vintage inspiration. To feel like the rock princess, the Barbie 2.0, a bit rockstar and princess, you can wear a t-shirt with the most beloved blonde lady of all time and a black nail, glamorous accessories with rhinestones and dedicate yourself to your commitments.

Different, different, but never wrong: the spirit of Milord T-shirts

The eccentric style, deliberately provocative, but classy, always and in any case, distinguishes Milord garments, including summer 2021 t-shirts.
Who said that an unconventional and unconventional look represents an oversight or an inaccuracy?
Failure to respect clichés is, in the Milord t-shirt collection, the rule that confirms the exception, the one that gives rise to the maximum creativity of each of us and that must be expressed.
The timeless class? A Tee shirt with off white and total black background. A declaration of independence and the choice of a unique style, but at the same time able to dictate the rules in terms of fashion trends. Prints depicting black flamingos next to the classic pinks, the Statue of Liberty holding a huge pink lollipop and an imaginary bottle of Eau de Toilette based on male tears.

Exclusive, but inclusive: the style of Milord T-shirts

Is it possible to be exclusive and inclusive at the same time? Milord shows that, yes, all this is possible, thanks to the sometimes provocative messages, reported on the images of the t-shirts, combined with the desire to represent all those who think differently from the flock and pose as themselves: the spirit Milord, who brazenly declares himself as Not for all, that is not for everyone, is also to ironize lightly on people, things and situations, with style, elegance and refinement.
Just look at the rock tenderness of Snow White with a leather jacket and pointed studs, a hungry tiger surrounded by hearts and the image of a cactus that needs hugs to realize that Milord t-shirts represent a reversal of the ordinary, in favor of a new and unconventional vision.

Magical summer combinations with Milord T-shirts: some proposals

Spending the spring and summer seasons wearing Milord t-shirts will give the look a touch of unconventional exuberance, along with remarkable comfort, thanks to high-quality organic cotton and excellent fit.
The combinations of the Summer 2021 women’s Milord t-shirts with denim, declined in all versions, are one of the must-haves of the SS 2021 season; wearing your favorite jeans with the brand new Albert Tattoo and a pair of white sneakers makes your look unique, refined, original and desired.
The scene changes, evening has fallen and you want to express your tender side, but with an ironic backstory: what could be better than the brand new Killing me softly, in which a huge red heart printed on the chest shows a plaster on one side and a pen on the other? Combining a black extralong skirt, with dense pleating and translucent fabric, will never go unnoticed.
Each model of Milord t-shirt is a bit like the discovery of a small part of oneself, with a touch of self-irony and attention to surround oneself with cool garments and sensations, impactful and transgressive of common sense.



T-SHIRT SS21 Collection

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