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How to wear a t-shirt all year round

T-shirt all year round? Yes, thank you!

Raise your hand if you don’t have at least one t-shirt in your closet! The t-shirt has always been one of the most fashionable and versatile items of clothing there is, as well as being suitable for everyone. It is difficult to be found unprepared with a look that is not up to par when you decide to wear it, and the beauty is that it can be an integral part in all seasons: summer, winter, spring and autumn, always. With the right tricks, and the trendiest combinations, the t-shirt is the must-have piece of all time and forever to show off on any occasion. Seeing is believing!

Why is the Milord t-shirt a must-have garment?

No piece of clothing is more versatile than the t-shirt, do you know why? Because it is able to create the right mix of simplicity and refinement in every season. For too long this garment has been the protagonist of summer looks, only to magically disappear under sweaters when the temperatures dropped. However, thanks to the Milord t-shirts it is possible to have fun wearing them in every season, playing on the most glamorous combination ever: hot – cold. The brand has always been committed to offering the best in the field of fashion with an eye always attentive to materials. Each t-shirt is in fact made of organic cotton for a quality garment that can be seen and perceived to the touch, all entirely Made in Italy.
Following are brief tips to always be at the top at any time of the year.

Scent of spring with the t-shirt by Milord

Spring has always been the season where weather uncertainty reigns supreme, why not fight it with a gritty outfit and effect? For women, the essential combination is simple but at the same time extremely fashionable: women’s t-shirt by Milord combined with a denim skirt or leggings of the same brand.
Nothing is impossible with the right Milord t-shirts!

Experience the emotions of summer to the fullest by wearing the Milord t-shirt

Let’s start with the summer. It’s hard not to be at the top with Milord t-shirts where every detail is able to recreate that perfect style between chic and rock thanks to the fantastic prints designed and designed for anyone who wants something different from the usual from their shirt, something unique. Nothing is left to chance when you decide to wear on a sweet summer evening a women’s t-shirt with a pair of shorts, the result in this case is guaranteed. Perfect match because it contains simplicity and femininity only by wearing her: the Milord t-shirt. And for boys? Let’s try to enhance it with basic sweatpants or Milord shorts for a winning effect at the beach or in the city.

The sweet and warm colors of autumn wearing the Milord t-shirt

Autumn is that time of year perfect to experiment with new combinations and colors of next winter, and it is that moment when nostalgically we look at the summer just passed. Stop the sadness, with the Milord branded t-shirts you can live of colors and lightness even in the grayness of an autumn day.
Even in this season it is in fact possible to wear a t-shirt that steals the scene and that alone creates an outfit already perfect like this: cheerful and at the same time precise, how? Let’s try to wear our fantastic
t-shirt with a top or a low-cut vest for her, or under a shirt left deliberately open thus focusing everything on the shirt for him. In this way it will be easy to obtain an urban chic effect perfect for the day, but also for the evening when you meet with friends for an aperitif in the city.

Milord T-shirt: the perfect easywear garment also for winter

And finally winter, that time of the year when wool sweaters overlook and where it is not always possible to obtain an authentic and refined style. Despite the cold we create something glamorous and valuable with a special outfit with a refined taste, we wear our Milord men’s t-shirt in the best way: over a thermal shirt or a velvet shirt, the result is guaranteed. To make the most of a women’s t-shirt instead we learn to play on proportions: for a silhouette effect we wear it over a heavy shirt or also over a shirt, all strictly inside the trousers that must in this case be high-waisted, even better if with a belt that tightens the waist for an even more feminine effect.
Both for him and for her another look to be made extremely cool, but warm at the same time, and perfect for this reason in this season, is the combination t-shirt – wool cardigan, strictly over not buttoned. In this way it will be easy to challenge the lowest temperatures while always remaining super fashionable, with only one trick: try as much as possible to wear a wide and soft cardigan and a tight shirt that highlights the shapes of your body.
Let’s forget for this year fashion clichés now ultra outdated and abandon ourselves to the incomparable style of wearing a Milord t-shirt all year round.




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